Harsha Bhogle Writes A FB Post On Being Dropped From IPL 9

As news spread of Harsha Bhogle being dropped from IPL 9 commentary team, many say as a direct outcome of a tweet by Amitabh Bachchan during World T20 by and large talking about commentators who didn’t speak about Indian players enough, there was unprecedented push-back from cricket fans and experts. Harsha according to other reports was dropped from the panel because he was overly critical of the Indian cricket team, pitches and selection policies. What made it worse that Amitabh Bachchan’s tweet “With all due respects, it would be really worthy of an Indian commentator to speak more about our players than others all the time” was retweeted by Dhoni with a message “Nothing to add.”

According to a report in Mumbai Mirror, two members of the recent Indian team had even admitted that there were discussions about his commentary in the dressing room meetings although they claimed ignorance of a formal complaint having been filed against him at any stage.

Harsha Bhogle who had chosen to be quiet about the entire affair earlier this evening wrote a heartwarming post on FB about the entire account reminding people that he was uncomfortable about the attention he was getting and that he was “just the teller, not the story itself.”

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